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Ten Mile Waterfowl Production Area

Kerr_09_MapBook_Ten Mile-1.png

Area: 515 Acres

Hiking Difficulty: A, B

Ten Mile WPA was purchased with Duck Stamp funds as well as some parcels donated by partner West Wisconsin Land Trust. Much of this land was claimed privately after the Homestead Act of 1864, but the natural beauty of this site makes it hard to believe that it was once settled. This land is managed to be prime waterfowl habitat through tools that include controlled burning, wetland restoration and tree removal.

Birds of Interest: Brown Creeper, Canada Goose, Cedar Waxwing, Chickadee, Common Yellowthroat, Eastern Kingbird, Mourning Dove, Osprey, Palm Warbler, Sandhill Crane, Flycatchers, and swallows.

• In addition to a recently restored savanna, an open prairie, seasonal wetlands, a river, and small patches of savanna make this WPA a hot-spot for bird activity

• The features of this natural landscape offer many places with an unobstructed view of waterfowl

• Several trees on the savanna provide excellent perching structures for grooming and watchful birds

• Waterfowl often winter on Ten Mile Creek which flows through the WPA.

Directions: From the city limits of New Richmond, go south on Highway 65. Travel 1.75 miles to County Road G. Turn west onto County Road G. Travel 1 mile to 120th St. Turn south onto 120th St. Go 1.25 mile. After you cross over 10 mile creek, turn west onto 140th Ave. Go 0.5 mile on 140th Ave. The WPA will be on both sides of the road.

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