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Spring Meadows Wildlife Area
and Waterfowl Production Area

Kerr_09_MapBook_Spring Meadows (Flaters)

Area: 131 Acres

Hiking Difficulty: B, C

Purchased in the early 1980’s,Spring Meadows earned its name from the natural spring that emerges from an esker in the southeastern corner and flows to meadow-like lowland. Prior to the acquisition of Spring Meadows as public land, the land was grazed with cattle from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. After acquisition, the pasture grasslands grew up and wildlife flourished.


Birds of Interest: Sandhill Crane, Heron, Black Tern, Northern Harrier, Yellow-headed Blackbird

• This land was purchased from a family who wanted their paralyzed son to enjoy wildlife; a large picture window in their house faced the beautiful wetlands

• Current efforts are being made to control brush in this area, as well as pine and invasive trees in the east end

• In the past, summer flood waters have crested so high as to flow across the adjacent road, County Road CC

Directions: From the village of Star Prairie, go 2.5 miles east on County Road H. Turn north onto County Road CC, and travel 1.75 miles. The WPA is on the east side of the road.

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