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Rock Falls Wildlife Area

WDNR Rock Falls WMA good-1.png

Area: 268 Acres

Hiking Difficulty: B

Acquired through Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s extensive Wildlife Habitat Program, Rock Falls Wildlife Area provides recreational opportunities while protecting the watershed of Rock Creek and its rich biodiversity. The 268 acre site was acquired during 1981 and 1988 and the boundary was later expanded in 2010 in an effort to connect the wildlife area to the Rock Creek Waterfowl Production Area.


Birds of Interest: Blue-winged Warbler, Sandhill Crane, Bobolink, Dickcissel, Eastern and Western Meadowlark, Henslow’s Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite and Sedge Wren.

• This Wildlife Area is bisected by a small wooded stream, with a shallow pond to the east of the creek and a larger wetland to the west

• Rock Falls Wildlife Area lies in the heart of a pheasant restoration area and features optimal habitat for abundant game species including White-tailed Deer, Wild Turkey, and Ring-Necked Pheasants

• The grasslands on this property are maintained through mowing and prescribed burning

Directions: From Rock Falls, travel south on County H approximately 0.75 mile. Access can be gained to this property through a parking area on the west side of County H.

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