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Rock Creek Waterfowl Production Area

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Area: 671 Acres

Hiking Difficulty: D

Rock Creek WPA was acquired by the USFWS in 1995. This unique property represents southeast Dunn County with its multitude of habitat types and large wetlands. From oak savanna and oak forest to prairie, sedge meadow and open water habitats, Rock Creek WPA provides habitat for many species of birds. The open grassy areas located on the WPA were former agricultural fields that were reseeded in the late 1990s to cool season grasses such as smooth brome and Kentucky bluegrass. Within the next few years these grassy fields will be farmed by local farmers for a period of three years to reduce weed species that may impact prairie restoration efforts. The Service will restore the fields to a mixture of native prairie grasses and flowers in order to mimic the prairies of western Wisconsin before European settlement.


Birds of Interest: Sandhill Crane, Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, migrating warblers and many other species of waterfowl, grassland and woodland birds.

Directions: From Rock Falls, go south 0.5 mile to 90th Ave. Turn east on 90th Ave and go 0.75 miles to 968th St.  Turn south on 968th St. and travel 1.75 miles. WPA is on both sides of road.

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