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Oak Ridge South Waterfowl Production Area


Area: 310 Acres

Hiking Difficulty: C

Purchased with Duck Stamp dollars, Oak Ridge SouthWPA has seen major habitat improvement over the last several years. The removal of several pine tree plantations and the exotic Siberian elm have made this landscape much more appealing to rare grassland bird species in addition to nesting waterfowl.


Birds of Interest: American Goldfinch, Baltimore Oriole, Bobolink, Eastern Kingbird, Eastern Meadowlark, various Sparrows, Ring-necked Pheasant, Sedge Wren, Trumpeter Swan, Hooded Merganser, Mallard, Bald Eagle and Northern Harrier.

• The rolling prairie featured in this WPA paints the traditional image of prairie, a pristine view complimented by splashes of color from native wildflowers

• The WPA provides valuable nesting habitat for various waterfowl and migratory birds, as well as food for meandering White-tailed Deer

• A pair of Bald Eagles has taken up residence on the northern edge of the WPA; their nest can be seen from the parking lot

• Oak Ridge South WPA is located adjacent to a string of connected WPAs and State Wildlife areas, an area that totals 3,000 acres of prairie wetland habitat

Directions: From the city of New Richmond, go 3 miles north on Highway 65. Turn east onto 220th Ave. Go 1.75 miles east.  The WPA is on the south side of the road.

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